ONE: Your Artist's Statement

Even before we begin drawing, I want you to take a look at this site and write your first artist statement. Don't worry , it doesn't have to be perfect, it will change over time.

TWO: Your first Selfportrait

Draw Yourself

Take a look in the mirror and draw yourself in your sketchbook. 

Make this drawing:

  • almost as big as the paper

  • include your neck and shoulders

  • without using a photo

  • using an ebony or 6B pencil

  • at least 3 times on different days

THREE: Optimizing Your Selfportrait

Draw Yourself

But before you start, click on vincent and take a look @ this chart that shows one way to understand proportion. everyone is different.  Use the chart to determine whether your eyes are less than or greater than one eye space apart. if  the space between your eyes align with the width of your nose.

It's easy to find out by printing out a large selfie on 8.5 x 11" paper &: 

  • drawing the central axis down the center of the face

  • drawing the horizontal eye level line 

  • drawing 2 vertical lines down from the corner of your eyes 

  • see if the space between the eyes equals the width of your nose

  • drawing 2 vertical lines down from the center of your eys

  • see if the space between the 2 lines equals the width of your mouth

  • check to see if your eyes are half way between the top of your head and your chin

  • check to see if your nose is a little less than half way between your eyes and your chin

  • check to see if your mouth is a little less than half way between your nose and your chin

Now draw your self portrait again.​

complete this graphic organizer when you finish to better understand your work

FOUR: 100 Photos

Using your phone or a camera take 100 photos of 10 different subjects.
You can take them indoors or outside. Be careful to:

  • pay attention. to lighting

  • fill the space with the subject

  • take pictures of people or still lifes

Save your best 10 photos to the Drop Box by clicking on the button below.​

make sure to make a folder with your email address when you are there.

FIVE: +: And then...

Sign up for online classes and you will get an email lesson every week to help you discover your voice. You  can email  in-progress images anytime. during the week. We'll schedule a  30 minute  video critique  on the weekend.

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